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From IRMA to RMI

WM 26: August 2018

I can’t help but wonder where all these auditors and researchers are coming from, and whether they might not be better employed mining for minerals.

A good read

WM 25: July 2018

recent publication by the World Gold Council, entitled Gold 2048: The next 30 years for gold, is a collection essays by industry insiders.

Peter Munk: Barrick icon

WM 24: May 2018

On 28 March 2018, Peter Munk, the Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded Barrick Gold, died at the age of 90.

Talk about tailings

WM 23: March 2018


Mine Tailings Storage:
Safety is no Accident



The Digital Mine

WM 22: February 2018


Digital thinking must be integrated into corporate strategy, because the mine of the future will be a digital mine.


Happy New Minerals


WM 21: January 2018


Don’t be surprised if 2018 takes us further into new mineral territory.

More than one way . . . to please a shareholder


WM 20: October 2017

The opening of a new mine is a rare event. 

A load of hot air


WM 19: July 2017


Arthur and Martha discuss greenhouses gases, climate change and Paris.

Critical connections

WM 18: April 2017

In our headlong rush towards connectivity we have created new access paths for our enemies, right into the heart of our operations. 

Dents in copper pipeline


WM 17: March 2017

The idea that anyone can control the supply side any better than the demand side can sometimes seems like wishful thinking. 


Safety in mind


OGS 92: January 2017


For safety's sake, the oil & gas industry needs a fresh approach to mental health issues

Happy New Mine


WM 16: December 2016

People who plan to open new mnes must really want to do it

Happy New OPEC


OGS 91: December 2016


Does OPEC's production cut signal a happy New Year?

Not worth the whoop (or the holler)


OGS 90: October 2016


How can one of the world’s premier democracies be left with a straight choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? 

Mining’s Olympic event


WM 15: September 2016


Unlike the Olympics, the venue has not changed since the event was first held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996.

"Brexit means Brexit"

WM 14: July 2016


Nobody knows what Brexit means to the UK or Europe yet, so you can be sure no-one knows what it means to mining. 

Keep calm and carry on . . .

Business as usual after Brexit

OGS 89 July 2016

It will be months, if not years, before any lasting conclusions can be drawn. 

Invest or divest?
WM 13: June 2016

By the end of the first quarter of 2016 the global value of mergers and acquisitions in the mining sector had plummeted by 45 per cent year-on-year. 

OPEC in a pickle

OGS 88: May 2016


As OPEC ​bets the farm on market share, could the US actually lead the eventual oil & gas recovery?

Responsible mining:

Setting the standard

WM 12: May 2016


The Standard for Responsible Mining is out for public comment.

Taking the slow road
OGS 87

A growing number of oil shipments from the Middle East to Europe are going around the southern tip of Africa, rather than through the Suez Canal.


Neighbourhood watch

WM 11 March 2016


Miners know it pays to be a good neighbour. The next question is, how much does it pay?

Meet the new year, 
same as the old year

OGS 86: January 2016

Some observers can see light at the end of the tunnel, but most expect the tunnel to continue into 2017.

Unexpected answers

WM 10: January 2016


Miners did what they were told in 2015, but it hasn't made much difference. The advice for 2016 is . . . 


The energy within

OGS 85: December 2015


Energy is a strange phenomenon. We all have energy within us, but it's what we do with it that counts . . . 

The sweet and sour river

WM 9 November 2015


Sadly, the Rio Doce is now far from sweet downstream of the Samarco Mineração iron ore mine in Brazil



A good gag

OGS 84: November 2015


In which Arthur tells Martha about the senator's climate change joke

Read on . . .

Last man standing

WM 8 October 2015


The major iron ore producers are searching for the Holy Grail of low cost production. More . . .

The fuel of the future

OGS 83: October 2015


LNG takes centre stage at Gastech 2015. Decisions must be made. Anything less would be a cryogenic shame. More . . . 


Bribery and corruption

OGS 82: October 2015


After the VW revelations, it may be time to dust off your anti-corruption manual and make sure you don’t get caught out .. . More . . . 

A broad transformation

WM7: September 2015


When times are tough, miners follow industry guidelines - they cuts costs


More . . .

Discovering Offshore Europe 2015

OGS 81: September 2015


The largest oil production and exploration event of its kind outside North America . . more . . 

Taking bets on $100 oil

OGS 80: August 2015


Will the price of oil ever reach $100 again? You pay your expert and take your choice . Read on . . .

The coal face

WM 6: July 2015

When I was a boy, we heated our house with coal. 

Read me . . . 

A Greek Odyssey

(or should that be Grodyssey?)

OGS 79: July 2015

A clumsy word making headlines is ‘Grexit’, a construction as ugly as the concept it describes. Read me . . .

Quod erat demonstrandum

OGS 78: June 2015

When I was fourteen years old I questioned everything. 

Read me . . .

FI – FA – FO – FUM
WM 5: June 2015

An acronym is worth its weight in gold when it is universally understood and when it saves you having to say Fédération Internationale de Football Association every time you want to talk about FIFA. Read on . . .

Forgive us our carbon sins
OGS 77: May 2015

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, my son; what have you done?”

“I flew to the Far East for a meeting, father, so I am now personally responsible for the emission of 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide.”

 Read on . . .

Iron in the fire

WM 4 May 2015


After almost 12 months of steady decline, iron ore prices appear to have turned the corner. I say this touching wood, of course, because as Aristotle might have said, ‘one month’s gain doth not a recovery make’ . . . read on . . .


Suspicious mind

OGS 76: April 2015

I’ve always been a little suspicious of renewables. I’m a little suspicious of climate change, too, but that's another story. .. . . read on . . .

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