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Mental Health in oil and gas
Dr Steven Smith, mental health expert and lecturer at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited

Investing in strategic growth opportunities in the tanker and LNG trade

Lerus Group: Dynamic training

A year of firsts for Ukraine-based provider of specialist training for the offshore sector 

Silo mentality 

ABB white paper warns about danger of organizational silos in process safety management 

The state of the oil and gas industry

Professor Jonathan Redfern, head of petroleum geoscience and basin studies at the University of Manchester

Executive interview

Captain Sid Hynes, Executive Chairman of Canadian intermodal transportation company Oceanex Inc.

BP: North Sea Giants

As BP celebrates achievements in its own backyard, major projects around the world are approaching completion, too

Boskalis: Offshore integration

Boskalis has grown from a dredging and infrastructure specialist into a global maritime services provider

Israeli Natural Gas Industry: The Israeli government has adopted its final framework for the regulation of the natural gas sector

Executive interview

Kitack Lim: Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)




Energy lives here

The largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the world 

Platts Presentation to US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Language, lives and the law

Enforcing the Standard Marine Communications Phrases

Maersk Group:
Performance and values

From shipping to logistics to oil and gas, the diversity of the Maersk Group has been a source of strength and success for more than a century


Embracing challenges


Free trade or tariffs?

Saudi Aramco:

Where energy is opportunity



New opportunities and new risks

Belize Natural Energy

Forces of nature 


The development of the oil industry in Belize has all the ingredients of a modern day fairy tale. Martin Ashcroft gets an insight into energy from Susan Morrice, Josh Stewart and Dr. Gilbert H. Canton 


Waterfall Security Solutions

How shipowners can protect their vessels from cyber attack

From Premier League to Jungle 

How footballer Andy Hunt became involved in adventure holidays  

Natural gas pipelines to connect southern Europe

Masamichi Morooka, International Chamber of Shipping

Aging personnel:

The future is now, says Wouter Last

Maersk Oil: 


Looking for long term growth opportunites to become a top five producer in the North Sea

Ebara: Transforming wasted energy into LNG

Taking the initiative in the development of small-scale liquefaction facilities

Need to economise forces oil and gas industry to innovate 

Executive interview: Peter Sand,


A potential oil & gas hub


The world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company 

LNG ready:

Shipowners are ready for LNG as fuel, says ABS

US emerges as most attractive LNG supplier to Asian markets. 
Meet the project leaders at Gastech International Conference & Exhibition in Singapore from 27-30 October

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The plan for Iran:

The implications of the nuclear deal


Mercy Ships:

Mamisy's fight with noma

Executive Interview:

Thanos Pallis, Medcruise

Lerus Group:

Premier providers of specialist training for the offshore sector

BP: Continuing to succeed

Highlighting the Clair Ridge project, among others

Statoil: More to discover

Looking at Statoil's major operations around the world

The plan for Iran

What does the future hold for Iranian oil & gas?

Hyundai Heavy Industries:
The happy heavyweight is the world's largest shipbuilder

Argentina and China lead shale development outside North America

Tullow Oil: Exploring Africa 
A major force in oil and gas markets in Africa

The UK fracking debate

Can fracking revolutionise the UK energy market?

Mercy Ships: 
A volunteer’s experience

Dr. David L. Blond on the future of globalization

Energy costs
The threats behind rising costs

Shell: The biggest getting bigger
Royal Dutch Shell has a strong history of growth, both organic and by acquisition

How sustainable is shale gas?

New analysis from the Worldwatch Institute explores the trends and impacts of fracking

Mercy Ships:
The free floating hospital

Opening locks:
Dr David Blond on the Panama Canal

A weather eye:
Medium range weather forecasting

Vulcan Systems:

The remediation of drilling waste

Innovative ways to handle, treat and reuse waste from oil and natural gas drilling processes.

Renewable energy: an expensive policy disaster

You can have renewables, or you can have the market. You cannot have both.

Shedding light on troubled oil:

Is the slump in the price of oil simply supply exceeding demand, or an international power struggle?

Hess Corporation:

A community of innovators in the oil & gas sector, founded by Leon Hess in 1933

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